despite what you may have been told,

success doesn’t come from hustle,

it comes from harmony.

Dear overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted  biz owner,

Have you been caught up by business coaches and experts telling you…

The only way to reach your audience is to have your own YouTube channel - start one NOW! 

Forget YouTube, the money is in 
the LIST. 

Email is dead. If you’re not doing Facebook ads, you’re going to FAIL. 

No, Instagram Live is where it’s at. Do it EVERY day. 

There's no way to hit 6 figures with 1:1 clients. You HAVE to create an online course.

No one buys courses anymore, you NEED a membership site…

Pardon me, but...

Rachel Barbic Online Business Strategist





Rachel Barbic Online Business Strategist



When you’re presented with endless solutions to all of your business struggles, and each one sounds better than the last, it’s easy to be tempted to throw your time, energy, and money at every one of them. ​

Especially when everyone is promising that their blueprint is the one that will change everything.

You know you don’t want to:

  • Go into debt investing in all the latest tools (especially when you don't even know what they do)
  • Struggle to find quiet time to go live on Instagram every day (have you met a toddler?)
  • Spend your days pitching every podcast in your niche
  • Dump your hard earned money into Zuckerberg’s back pocket with no idea if it's paying off…

But your struggle is real and you need answers — like, yesterday!

The truth is, your business doesn’t need you to try another blueprint.

It needs a stronger backbone.

A stronger backbone means finding the courage to finally do things in a way that aligns with your personality, your goals, your strengths, your energy — your unique design.

Don't you wish you could accomplish your big business goals without:

  • Feeling completely burnt out
  • Being overwhelmed by self-doubt
  • Selling your soul to the "shoulds"
  • Following strategies that feel unnatural
  • Feeling paralyzed every time you need to make a decision
  • Utilizing tactics that clash with your integrity
  • Playing follow the leader and doing what everyone else is doing
  • Fading into the background because you keep watering down who you are

I'm here to tell you: YOU CAN. 

But not with what’s worked for somebody else. 

In the world of online business strategy, the part that is almost always missing is how to make all of it fit and flow with who you are as an individual, not just another business owner.

So my approach is different.

And that’s where The Enneagram comes in.

If you haven’t heard of this powerful tool for self discovery, get ready — it's going to show you a whole new world of possibilities for your business… 

The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types, combining traditional wisdom with modern psychology, creating a powerful guide for understanding ourselves and others. It provides insights that can free us from fear, help us navigate conflict, understand our compulsions, and significantly reduce inner confusion.

The Enneagram does not require you to hold a specific belief system or faith outside of yourself.

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing The Enneagram in your business:

  • Increase your self awareness - this will help ensure we build business strategies that work for you
  • Analyze how you engage with others so we can uncover the best way for you to have the impact you want to have on the world
  • Understand your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving to design your business to align with your natural way of being
  • Discover how we can leverage your strengths, identify areas for growth, and mitigate negative patterns and reactivity

This is a comprehensive tool that, combined with data and real-world business experience, will help direct our decision making so that you design your business in a way that feels ahhhhmazing!

When you create your business in this way, you'll finally be able to bust through that growth ceiling — and keep on moving up.

I want you to understand that:

You do not have to squeeze yourself into someone else’s blueprint.

You do not have to ignore your instincts, natural energy flow, or your deep internal motivations.

You do not have to water down your beautiful personality to appeal to the world.

You do not  have to do what everyone else is doing.

And from my experience, it won’t deliver the results you want even if you do.

You are a unique individual, an expression that will never be here again.

The world — and your business — needs you to show up in honor of that.

if only you had someone in your corner to help turn your big ideas into strategic plans — in a way that aligns with who you are and the way you want to show up in the world...

Megan Stark

Her expertise allowed us to execute and reach our goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Rachel has filled all of our expectations and then some! I can not say enough about how crucial she has been to our team! She is creative, thoughtful, and dedicated to her clients. Her feedback is always helpful, and she truly cares about the end product. And, she’s a blast to work with!

Megan Stark  |  Orgasmic Birth

i'm rachel, and i want to be the one in your corner helping you make things happen!

I’ve been both business manager and strategist for service-based online entrepreneurs, and one of the most important things I’ve learned (and I’ve learned a LOT) is…

When you are the “product” in your business, understanding and leveraging your unique design, strengths, energy, and motivations is the only way to have the impact you want to have while feeling truly fulfilled and supported by your business.

Because when you do it right, growing your business is fun, not painful and confusing.

And the only "right" way to do this thing is the way that feels good for you.

Love what you do but don’t like being put on the spot?
   → Let’s find a way to engage without live video. 

Get drained from launching all the time? 
   → Let’s find a business model that suits your energy better. 

Anxious over the idea of pitching your services on webinars? 
   → Let's find a method of selling that feels natural.

Writing sucking the life from your soul? 
   → Let’s find a way to remove it from your task list.  

Spending too much time serving others and not enough meeting your needs? 
   → Let’s find a more harmonious approach to your schedule. 

Got a vision but no strategic plan? 
   → Let’s find the best way to take aligned action.

Whatever your challenges are and whatever success looks like to you, the support I provide will be 100% custom. 

No cookie cutter guidance that doesn’t actually help you execute your ideas.

No getting left behind in group programs.

No getting overwhelmed by unnecessary or inapplicable information.

No chasing goals you don’t even want to reach.

No forcing yourself to work against your unique design.

And no blueprints.

(Added bonus: learning about your Enneagram type will have a positive impact on your life outside of your business as well!)

Nicole Liloia

She will help you increase your revenue + impact!

Rachel is the organizational genius every business owner needs on their side! She will help you increase your revenue + impact while you serve your clients and customers at a high level.

Nicole Liloia | CEO and Founder at Nicole Liloia, LCSW, LLC

Tom Ramsay

If you are thinking about working with Rachel - do it. She will deliver the results you are looking for.

I had no hesitation about hiring Rachel, we clicked instantly. She’s an excellent communicator and doesn’t hesitate to make suggestions when she sees potential for improvements in the business. I trust Rachel and have found her to be highly capable and trustworthy. 

Tom Ramsay | President, Rock Medical Orthopedic Consultants

Claire Pelletreau

I rarely meet people who have such a mastery of so many areas of running an online business.

As a result of working with Rachel, the month I returned from my honeymoon ended up being one of my best months revenue-wise. I went from freaking over a scary-low balance in my bank account to feeling like I finally had a business worth bragging about!

Claire Pelletreau  |  Facebook and Instagram Ads Consultant

Lula Brown

I felt so supported working with her, like I was completely free to be in my zone of genius.

Rachel is super detail-oriented, smart, emotionally intelligent, and always one step ahead. She has a way of looking at projects, organizing them in a way that feels doable rather than overwhelming. I can see why she's been key to the success of so many businesses. I can't recommend her enough.

Lula Brown  |  Integrative Coach & Copywriter

Michelle Grewal

I really can’t say enough about Rachel - she will help bring your business to new levels.

Rachel is a talented, intelligent, kind, and dedicated business strategist. She was able to turn our business goals into strategic projects. She is patient and encouraging, even under the immense pressure of a launch. I am so grateful to her for her amazing leadership!

Michelle Grewal, PMP, ITIL

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

I would highly recommend Rachel to help you grow your business.

Rachel is an incredible help with her wealth of business skills. She helped us go beyond our expectations to prepare, promote, and enjoy the benefits we desired. Rachel is a pleasure to work with in every way! Her professional nature and timely communication provide an amazing experience.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro | Creator at Pain to Power Childbirth Experience

Elicia Miller

Working with Rachel has been the best decision I've made that has helped my business grow and my energy flow.

She makes suggestions for process, newsletters, marketing improvement and overall strategy, and I always say yes, because she really does know best! I am so grateful for Rachel, she is essential and extraordinary.

Elicia Miller | Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®

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