Here's what some of our current and past clients
have to say about working with us...

She is honest, capable and reliable.

Rachel has a passion for organization and efficiency, and showed me how to streamline an important project using technology. This improved both our accuracy and our efficiency.

I had no hesitations about hiring Rachel, we clicked instantly, and she’s been supporting my firm for over two years. She’s an excellent communicator and doesn’t hesitate to make suggestions when she sees potential for improvements in the business. I trust Rachel with confidential material for our firm and have found her to be highly capable and trustworthy.

If you are thinking about working with Rachel in your business or on a project – do it.  She will deliver the results you are looking for.

Tom Ramsay, President
Rock Medical Orthopedic Consultants

When I took 5 weeks off for my honeymoon, hiring Rachel to keep the ship afloat was a no-brainer. I never thought it would be possible to completely discount from my business, but knowing that everything was in Rachel’s capable hands gave me a tremendous amount of peace-of-mind. I literally didn’t check my work email once in 5 weeks!

When I returned to work, I expected to be knee-deep in my inbox for weeks. But Rachel had left me with an incredibly well organized system for replying to the important stuff, ignoring the “noise”, and following up with people interested in working with me.

As a result of Rachel’s systems, the month I returned from my honeymoon ended up being one of my best months revenue-wise. I went from freaking over a scary-low balance in my bank account to feeling like I finally had a business worth bragging about!

I would recommend Rachel to anyone who needs extra support in a number of areas; I rarely meet people who have such a mastery of so many areas of running an online business.

Claire Pelletreau, Facebook Ads Consultant

Rachel is equal parts persistent, intelligent and dedicated – with a positive attitude, strong work ethic and excellent organization, she keeps the team focused and on schedule, and delivers clear communication. With her personal dedication to excellence, Rachel consistently delivers high-quality results.

I really can’t say enough about Rachel – she will help bring your business to new levels.

She is patient and encouraging, even under the immense pressure of a launch. I am so grateful to her for her amazing leadership!

Michelle Grewal

Every aspect of the work Rachel did helped us go beyond our expectation to prepare, promote and enjoy the benefits we desired.

She is efficient, creative, timely and a pleasure to work with in every way! Rachel’s professional nature and timely communication provided an amazing experience.

I highly recommend Rachel!

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, President

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachel and am enviable of those who get to work with her in the future. I know when I ask her to do something I can take it off of my worry list because she is handling it. And she doesn’t just “handle it”, she improves the process… every time. She is an asset!

Nicole O’Sullivan, International Consultant

Rachel was my assistant for several years in a very fast paced environment with ongoing client / customer demands. Because of Rachel’s proactive approach to problem-solving, I could be confident in getting answers quickly.

Rachel has an excellent combination of creative and analytic skills that supplied valuable support to me on a daily basis. I would rely on Rachel to do final editorial reviews, correct graphics, etc. for client deliverables. Her work was superior to her peers.

Katie Knost Frey, Experienced Strategic Change Partner