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Make Me Your Integrator

In their book, Rocket FuelGino Wickman and Mark C. Winters explain the critical relationship between Visionaries—those who cast the vision for the organization, and Integrators—those who can take that vision and make it happen.

Here’s how Mark explains the roles to…

“Those two roles together, and getting them right, are vital. If you get that combination of Visionary and Integrator right, it makes everything else work better. And, in fact, it multiplies everything else.

For example, if the Integrator is absent and you have a typical, pure Visionary, they’re not good at integrating. In fact, they’ll do damage. It’s like the coach that keeps calling the wrong play. You could have really good athletes, but if the coach keeps putting them in the wrong situation, it makes it really difficult for them to win.

So with the Integrator, you’ve got good players in the right situation, and it just amplifies and multiplies what they’re able to contribute to the team.

The relationship will be different with each pair. But fundamentally, the Integrator is making it happen. They take everything that’s coming out of the Visionary’s brain, and filtering it a little bit—taking out the crazy stuff that’s inconsistent with the company vision and actually a distraction. They work with the Visionary to get on the same page and decide what to filter out.

But then the stuff that makes it through the filter, the Integrator is making it happen. They’re making sure it gets done and harnessing the team, knocking down the obstacles and getting everybody moving forward to make it happen.”

When you hire me as your Integrator, you’re bringing on a strategic partner who will help you develop the next stages of your business and manage the execution. You will step out of the day-to-day business maintenance activities, management, and decision making. 

This service is designed for the business owner who is ready to scale but needs someone who can help them fine-tune their vision and make sense of how to monetize their expertise while also overseeing the team and resources needed to make it happen.

Here’s what our partnership will look like… 

You and I will meet every other week for a 60-90-minute Visioning Session. As projects develop, the team expands, and the business grows, we may schedule additional calls as needed.

I will create the processes, procedures, and project plans needed to make the vision come to life.

I’ll identify and source all necessary resources for our projects – this might include copywriters, designers, video editors, paid advertising experts, etc. 

With all the key players in place, I will oversee and manage the execution of all projects, providing guidance and support to the team.

With documented SOPs (standard operating procedures), properly utilized project management software, and me as the Integrator, the team will be positioned to be more productive and feel fully supported in their individual success.

The team and I will have 15 to 30-minute calls on an as-needed basis to ensure everything is on track, identify where shifts need to be made, and fill in any missing pieces.

Behind the scenes, I’ll be tracking and monitoring key analytics to ensure that we are experiencing the desired ROI in all areas of the business.

For additional support, you and the team will have unlimited Voxer (a free messaging app) access to me within the hours of 10am – 3pm PT Monday through Thursday. 

Integrator support requires a minimum initial 6-month commitment. After our initial 6 months, we’ll evaluate our Visionary/Integrator relationship and determine what the best next steps are for all parties. 

The initial 6-Month engagement fee starts at $2500 USD/month.  

this is important

No matter what level of engagement we may enter into, I see my role in your business as a partnership. I invest myself into your business with the same fervor I do my own. Your success is my success.

Because we will work so closely together, and because my work will further advance the mission of your organization, ethical alignment is essential.

To that end, you should understand and align with the following:

We believe…

In science
Black Lives Matter
Trans Lives Matter
Indigenous Lives Matter
Women’s Rights are Human Rights
No Human is Illegal
Love is Love

In dismantling ableism, sexism, ageism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, antisemitism, transphobia, fatphobia, and all other forms of oppression and hate.

I do not support the use of unethical sales tactics, including false scarcity, “FOMO”, shame, or other manipulative sales tactics that are far too common in the online business space.  

On a lighter note, it’s also worth mentioning that I swear – like, a LOT. If that is something you find offensive, I’m likely not your person. 😉 

Here’s what my clients have to say

about working with me…

I recommend Rachel to anyone who needs extra support in a number of areas; I rarely meet people who have such a mastery of so many areas of running an online business.

Claire Pelletreau

Facebook and Instagram Ads Consultant

Our project launch was highly successful, ran smoothly, and she continues to be a wonderful sounding board as we grow and expand the project.

Rachel helped us streamline our project into manageable steps, assisted with organization, design, social media planning, and more. Her expertise allowed us to execute and reach our goals in the most efficient manner possible. I could not say enough about how crucial she has been to our team!

Rachel came to us highly recommended, and she has filled all of our expectations and then some! She is creative, thoughtful and dedicated to her clients and their projects. Her feedback is always helpful, and she truly cares about the end product. And, she’s a blast to work with!

Megan Stark

Team Manager & Co-Owner at Riot Baits and Birth and Postpartum Doula at Dainty Doula

I really can’t say enough about Rachel – she will help bring your business to new levels.

Rachel is a talented, intelligent, kind, and dedicated business strategist. She was able to turn our business goals into strategic projects.

She is patient and encouraging, even under the immense pressure of a launch. I am so grateful to her for her amazing leadership!

Michelle Grewal, PMP, ITIL

I can’t recommend her enough.

Rachel is super detail-oriented, smart, emotionally intelligent, and always one step ahead. I felt so supported working with her, like I was completely free to be in my zone of genius (copywriting) and that she was in her zone of genius.

She has a way of looking at projects, organizing them in a way that feels doable rather than overwhelming. I can see why she’s been key to the success of so many businesses. I can’t recommend her enough.

Lula Brown

Integrative Coach & Copywriter

I would highly recommend Rachel to help you grow your business or launch a sales campaign.

She was an incredible help organizing, streamlining and increasing our sales with her wealth of business skills. Every aspect of the work she did helped us go beyond our expectation to prepare, promote, and enjoy the benefits we desired.

Rachel is efficient, creative, timely, and a pleasure to work with in every way! Her professional nature and timely communication provided an amazing experience!

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

World-renowned inspirational speaker, Filmmaker, DONA International Doula trainer, Lamaze International Childbirth Educator, and Author

Rachel is the organizational genius every business owner needs on their side! She will help you execute your plan to increase your company’s revenue + impact WHILE still help you serve your clients and customers at a high level.

She’ll remember the things you’ll forget so you can breathe easier as you expand your business!

Nicole Liloia

CEO and Founder at Nicole Liloia, LCSW, LLC

Rachel is one of the best Project Manager that I have worked with. She is superb in organizing tasks and very clear in her instruction. She taught me how to provide outstanding service and deliver the highest quality of work. Two thumbs up for Rachel, she is a genius!

Jessica Mercado

Virtual Assistant

Rachel is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in leadership. Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you’re making mistakes.

Kristine Morales-Caparas

Virtual Assistant